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Sci Ed. 2017;4(2):108-110
Publication date (electronic) : 2017 August 16
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Department of Anatomy, Ajou University School of Medicine, Suwon, Korea
Correspondence to Min Suk Chung
Received 2017 July 14; Accepted 2017 August 4.

Thomson Reuters made the words SCI and SCIE. The words do not stand for SCIENCE, but they serve as good materials for the cartoon. I didn’t miss this opportunity, and drew this episode like animals that didn’t miss the prey.

We should forget about the hierarchy among the lab members. For example, master’s students can write better articles than PhD students. Ability and passion are more important than ranking. Note that forgetting about hierarchy doesn’t mean having fist fights.

Other’s approval is required prior to one’s own satisfaction. At first, when scientists get jobs or promotion, they check their articles for other’s approval. However, after securing the job, they check their life-time achievements for self-satisfaction. The process is like the lives of artists.

Experienced scientists know that “by any chance” can be changed to “expectably.” However, they think only about “by any chance” rather than “expectably.” Then, they have hope and work hard. Thinking about “by any chance” and deceiving themselves can be the basic driving force of science research.

Graduate students and scientists are the ones who are expected to put their top priority on conducting experiments and writing scientific articles. This commitment would keep them busy and eventually rewarded. However, many of them are occupied by other things, and put aside their researches. Here lies the problem.

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