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Seo: 2019 International Conference on Integrated Development of Digital Publishing and Digital Libraries
Date: August 7-12, 2019
Venue: Yitian Convention Center, Sheraton Changchun Jingyuetan Hotel, Changchun, China
Theme: Knowledge innovation · Knowledge service · Knowledge management
Organizers: Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing); Jilin Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing)
The Conference on Integrated Development of Digital Publishing and Digital Libraries (CDPDL), which was held in Changchun, China from August 7 to 12, 2019, was hosted by several university libraries—including Tsinghua University Library—and supported by China’s leading academic information service enterprise, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI). As the largest international conference in the field of library science in China, CDPDL held its 10th meeting in Changchun. Even though it was an international conference, the majority of the audience were Chinese, although some of the speakers were international. Regardless, the scale of the conference were enormous, as the hosts estimated that there were about 1,600 participants (Fig. 1). Recent trends in research publications and examples of digital library services were presented at this conference. First off, the morning of the grand opening was marked by greetings, welcoming speeches, and congratulatory speeches from important attendees, such as a member of the Jilin Province Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee and the CEO of CNKI.
The first day was divided into four separate sessions, with nine presentations on the theme “Innovation development and knowledge innovation service industry” during session 1, six presentations on “Publishing transition for knowledge innovation service” during session 2, eight presentations on “Transition & development and knowledge service & knowledge management for libraries” during session 3, and five presentations on “Knowledge innovation service for different industries” during session 4.
A special presentation focused on various services offered to Chinese academic journals by CNKI. In China, CNKI Express is the service that most promptly delivers academic information worldwide through the operation of a new digital publishing model that includes onlinefirst publication and data publication. In addition, various big data application services were presented.
To summarize what I realized by attending this conference, the field of scientific and medical journal publishing is developing beyond simple publication services to include information services and knowledge services, and users (as researchers) demand precise and personalized information, pursue data-based scientific discoveries, and distrust the existing commercial model of information services (Fig. 2). Although the CDPDL is a China-centered event for libraries and academic research organizations, it was worthwhile to attend considering the importance of the Chinese academic journal publishing market, both now and in the future. Special attention should be paid to the journal publication-related policies and services of CNKI, which supported this event.


Conflict of Interest

No potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported.

Photograph from the 2019 Conference on Integrated Development of Digital Publishing and Digital Libraries.

Fig. 1.

The author attending at the 2019 Conference on Integrated Development of Digital Publishing and Digital Libraries.

Fig. 2.

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