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Publishing Credentials (2020-2022)

Journal Manager: Kihong Kim, Ajou University, Korea

Dr. Kim is a theoretical physicist who has published more than 150 research articles. He served as the executive editor of the Journal of the Korean Physical Society from January 2011 to December 2012. In 2014, he became the inaugural editor of Science Editing, and since then he has successfully guided the journal to internationally top-tier status in a short period, which was made possible by his excellent editorial competence.

Manager of the Review Process: Jung A Kim, Associate Editor of Science Editing, Hanyang University, Korea

Dr. Kim is a nursing professor. She has served as an associate editor of Science Editing from 2014 to the present. Since 2010, she has been an editorial board member of Healthcare Informatics Research, which is listed in PubMed Central. Her extensive experience with publications and the review process has helped Science Editing to select appropriate reviewers to fit its aims and scope.

Ethics Editor: Cheol-Heui Yun, Seoul National University, Korea

Dr. Yun has been a professor at Animal Science and Biotechnology at Seoul National University, Korea since 2006. He completed his Ph. D. at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada in the area of immune modulation and mucosal immunology. He then pursued his professional career at leading research institutes throughout the world including the International Vaccine Institute (IVI, Korea), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA, USA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH, USA) and Gothenburg University (Sweden) where he undertook research related to stressors, vaccines, infections, and host protective immunity. His research interests have focused on the mechanisms of action of stressors and the modulation of host immune responses, interactive mucosal immunity, the development of vaccines and adjuvants, and immunometabolism. He has also served as chair of the Ethics Committee of the Korean Council of Science Editors since 2017. He currently serves as an (associate or review) editor for a number of journals, including the Frontiers in Immunology (for the Molecular Innate Immunity Section and the Cytokines and Soluble Mediators in Immunity Section), and the Journal of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering . He is currently a co-editor-in-chief of the Animal Bioscience since 2016, which has been listed in PubMed Central. His perspective on research and publication ethics is highly valuable, given his extensive experience of educating and consulting with journal editors.

Statistics Editor: Yong Gyu Park, The Catholic University of Korea, Korea

Dr. Park has consulted on biomedical statistics for a variety of medical journals since 1984. His comments on statistics have made invaluable contributions to these journals, and he has published about 100 articles on statistical topics.

Manuscript Editor: Jae Hwa Chang, Infolumi, Korea

Ms. Chang has edited manuscripts of scholarly journals since 2010. Infolumi is a preeminent manuscript editing company in Korea that has been in operation since 2009. She holds a BELS (Board of Editors in the Life Sciences) certification and a Korea Manuscript Editors Certification. She has served as a Crossref Ambassador in Korea <> on a volunteer basis since 2018. She is one of the best manuscript editors in Korea. She works for five journals, including the following two PubMed Central journals: Korean Journal of Ophthalmology and Clinical and Experimental Emergency Medicine.

English Editor: Andrew Dombrowski, Compecs, Korea

Dr. Dombrowski received a joint PhD in 2013 from the University of Chicago in Linguistics and Slavic Languages/Literatures. Subsequently, he completed a post-baccalaureate health professions program at UC Berkeley Extension and has worked as a professional biomedical editor since 2015, during which time he has edited over 3,500 articles from diverse fields within medicine, ranging from public health and policy to surgical specialties and basic research. He works for 16 journals, including the following 12 PubMed Central journals: Archives of Plastic Surgery; Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine; Endocrinology and Metabolism; Epidemiology and Health; International Neurourology Journal; Imaging Science in Dentistry; Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professionals; Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science; Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health; The Korean Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery; Neurospine; and Ultrasonography.

Layout Editor: Da Hye Lee, Academya, Korea

Ms. Lee is a top-tier layout editor in Korea. She works to produce PDFs for 10 journals, including the following three PubMed Central journals: Korean Journal of Parasitology; Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine; and International Neurourology Journal.

Website and JATS XML File Producers: Minyoung Choi, M2PI, Korea; Jeonghee Im, M2PI, Korea

Ms. Choi and Ms. Im manage full-text JATS XML production and journal homepage for more than 190 scholarly journals, including the following 61 PubMed Central journals: Acute and Critical Care; Annals of Coloproctology; Annals of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism; Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine; Archives of Craniofacial Surgery; Archives of Plastic Surgery; Asian Spine Journal; Animal Bioscience; Cancer Research and Treatment; Child Health Nursing Research; Clinical & Experimental Otorhinolaryngology; Clinical Endoscopy; Clinical and Experimental Emergency Medicine; Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine; Clinical and Molecular Hepatology; Environmental Analysis Health and Toxicology; Epidemiology and Health; Genomics & Informatics; International Neurourology Journal; Intestinal Research; Journal of Audiology and Otology; Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions; Journal of Epilepsy Research; Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation; Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society; Journal of Movement Disorders; Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine; Journal of Preventive Medicine & Public Health; Journal of Stroke; Korean Journal of Anesthesiology; Korean Journal of Family Medicine; Korean Journal of Internal Medicine; Korean Journal of Medical Education; Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing; Korean Journal of Parasitology; Clinical and Experimental Pediatrics; Neurointervention; Neurointervention; Neurospine; Psychiatry Investigation; Radiation Oncology Journal; Ultrasonography; and Yeungnam University Journal of Medicine

Administrative Manager: Hyelim Kwon, Korean Council of Science Editors, Korea

Ms. Kwon has worked for the Korean Council of Science Editors since 2022 as a general manager. She has been a highly skillful manager of the e-submission system.

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